Monday, September 26, 2011

Do it your self

Create your own spa day at home with these easy-to-make

Honey lavender rose mask

Grind one ounce each of
lavender and rose into a powder, then mix with honey
until the concoction has a paste-like consistency. Apply the
aromatic mixture to the skin and enjoy, rinsing with warm

Body salt scrub

Pour 2/3 cup of olive or almond oil into
a small bowl, and add approximately the same amount of
sea salt or sugar, mixing together. Blend in several drops
of your favorite aromatic essential oil, then use the scrub
all over your body when in the tub. Be careful not to slip,
as the oil can be slick. Shower the scrub off to finish, and
luxuriate in your silky smooth skin.

Ask your esthetician if the spa provides any sweetly
scented services or products that can make your skin soft
and smooth between spa visits

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