Saturday, February 8, 2014

You skin really clean?

Hi Happy Feb and valentine's day coming soon! 

I'd like to talk about what is most important of skin care routinen!? 

Most people will say...

Use natural skincare! 
Good skin care lines! 
Moisturize your skin! 

Yes everything right! 

But don't you forget something 
Most important routine...? 

Ok ok...

Cleanse your skin REALLY WELL

Yes, that's right! Make sure your skin is clean and naked!!! 

Dirt, extra oil, foundation etc...

No need it on your skin or/and in your pores!!! 


First cream, milk, oil cleansing will help to take off heavy make up or eye makeup.

But if you only use mineral or barely makeup on...

You can use reguraler forming cleanser for onnce or twice, make sure all that stuff are gone! 

Some people saying don't wash your skin too much because dry your skin! 

Sooo wrong! 

I'll tell you why! 

Because if you don't clean your skin and pores well all the skincare not working properly way you want to! 

Some serum going to pore and work, some skincare work under dermis! 


If your skin and pores not clean...

What's gonna happen...? 

Drain all your money you spend on skincare lines...:( 

If you have to wash your skin more than twice but still dirt, makeup there...

You using wrong cleanser...or you don't wash your skin right...


Skin get so rough, dry, flaky after wash...? 

Yes, you using wrong cleanser...

Don't use cleanser makes your skin like that right after wash! 
Taking extra oil you need on your skin!!
Then your nerve system telling all the cells to Moisturize skin right away to produce more oil...
That cause shiny skin prob!! 

We'll make sure you don't use cleanser makes your skin like that earlier.


Make sure you always clean your skin well! 

And let me know if you have an any 

Thank you