Monday, February 18, 2013

Why You Should Go Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

I've seen so many clients having problem with swollen and/or edema somewhere on their body parts!

Here are why you have it, a lots of time cause by stress and low metabolism and more reasons.

But i would like you to know about what lymph does to your body and why we need to take care. Hope you understand lymph!

 Lymph is a clear to yellowish watery fluid that is found throughout the body. It circulates through body tissues picking up fats, bacteria, and other unwanted materials, and filtering them out through the lymphatic system. It is sometimes possible to see this fluid; cuts sometimes weep it rather than blood, for example. Its circulation through the body is an important part of immune system health.

 This fluid contains white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, along with a small concentration of red blood cells and proteins. It circulates freely through the body, bathing cells in needed nutrients and oxygen while it collects harmful materials for disposal. People can think of it as the milkman of the body, dropping off fresh supplies and picking up discarded bottles for processing elsewhere.
 As lymph circulates, it is pulled into the lymphatic system, an extensive network of vessels and capillaries that is linked to lymph nodes, small nodules that act as filters to trap unwanted substances. The nodes also produce more white blood cells, refreshing the fluid before it is pumped back into the body.

The fluid may not be as showy as blood, but it is related to an equally complex and ornate system of vessels. Without a pump, the body’s lymphatic system must depend on motion (exercise and/or massage) to propel lymph through its vessels.

 Lymphatic massage is rigorous to the client as the therapist has to virtually squeeze lymph through the lymphatic pathways, So After a treatment you may feel extremely tired and have no energy. This is because after the treatment your body is still working hard at cleaning itself.
You could feel like this for a few days or up to 2 weeks depending on how much your body needed to be cleaned out. However, once this step is over you should have more energy than before the treatment. It is very important to drink lot’s of water after a treatment to aid the flushing process.


  Reasons to go for Lymphatic Draining 

 Detoxifying: Lymphatic draining rids the body of all the “garbage” that we can stock in it and can be very beneficial for those doing a detox program. It’s also good for helping us to lose weight or getting rid of cellulite.

 Immune Boost: Lymphatic draining is good for making our immune systems stronger. If you are always sick with colds, flues or infections like a urinary tract infection it would be a good treatment for you. It can also help allergy sufferers and ease their symptoms. I recommend that you have a these treatments before the cold and allergy season in order to make your lymphatic system stronger and possibly avoid these problems.

 Cell Regeneration: Working on the lymphatic system helps our cells to regenerate. So if you are scarred in any way or had a surgery it is very effective for re-building tissue.

 Cancer: Lymphatic draining is good for cancer because it can reduce the lymphoedema they might have. The therapist will work on the swollen areas in order to move the liquids that are trapped in certain areas. It is important that patient have the approval of their doctor and that the therapist they choose is properly trained for this.

We have a treatment call Re-balance Treatment